Say Bye to Black

Fashion-N-flamboyance working together,

To get you out of the bland black whether.

And into vibrant sneaks that vibe,

Feel incredible on feet & feel light as a feather.

Go bold, go gutsy, go venturous…

Go wherever is your callin,

Just get on the color ride and diss plain old blacks

Cause color is in!


CAMPUS Tie-N-Dye: A bright serge of colorful styles

Think of a world made in the shades of greys, blacks, and whites; stylish or boring? 

A dash of color brings everything alive, a unique touch that achromatic shades can never compare to. So, why keep your sneakers mundane? Update your shoe-drobe with the most sought-after shades of the season with CAMPUS Tie-N-Dye Collection

With Tie-N-Dye, we bring you a range of colorful sneakers, designed to add a pop of color to all your looks. With these bright men's & women’s shoes, make a fashion statement that is both bold and trendy. Splashing your every look with a vivid vibe; these kicks are more than just fashion statement pieces. They are a way of expressing your vivacious self. 

Talking to all the dapper & dandy men out there; add a flamboyant elevation to your look with CAMPUS Rang. Add a tangy twist to your shoe collection with Citrus-y shade. Crimson is the color that is always in style, and Red shoes are a must-have if you wish to make a bold move with your outfits. Or if you wish to play with color while playing it safe, then Blue shoes are your best bet! A Smooth-Flo Tech midsole is installed in Rang men's sneakersalong with a Memory Foam insole for a bouncy, springy, and comfortable stride. With a variegated perspective, redefine your outlook with CAMPUS.

Dear ladies, add some fun and flair to your wardrobe with colorful sneakers named Boond. An impressive blend of different colors & patterns, let your inner diva out in her most vibrant style. Women's shoes are made of a plethora of enchanting shades, that are sure to turn heads and steal hearts. Sprinkle the magic of colors with every step you take with the rainbow shoes. Fall for the hues of pink shoesrelish in the brilliance of beaming yellow, or relish all the incredible shades at once with multicolor shoes. These women's sneakers have a Support-Tech mechanism in the midsole that helps in moving the feet properly; making sure that it neither leans inward nor outward and thereby preventing injury. Also, the lace-ups are made with a high-quality mesh to allow your skin to breathe. Keep the vibrant sparks flying when you step out in chic & fancy women's sneakers from CAMPUS. 

When fashion footwear takes a turn to offer you immense comfort, the upshot is a dapper collection with a fashionable edge. Created to blend unique patterns with astonishing shade; CAMPUS Tie-N-Dye is a versatile collection that is both stylish & fun. Dress it up for a party night or dress it down for a relaxing weekend; no matter what’s on your mind the exuberant colors remain the only constant about your outfit. 


Don’t Let the Color Fade: A Care Guide for Your Vibrant Sneaks


The pain of watching your sneakers get stained can hardly be described in words. Dirt and stains are sadly inevitable, but prevention is always an option! Take a few tips from us and groove in your shoes for a long time. 


Clean ‘em up

The first tip when offering shoe care tips is obviously cleaning them properly. Now, cleaning does not equal putting them in the washing machine, we know that is a tempting option but no! Machine washing can loosen the glue & stitching of your sneakers while fading the colors. However, if not a machine then how to clean shoes? The answer is as simple as mild soap & lukewarm water. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can damage the colors of your shoes. If you notice any stains on your shoes, spot-clean them immediately using a clean cloth and mild soap. Avoid scrubbing too hard as it can cause the colors to fade.


Air-Dry, Always!

Never, we repeat, never put your shoes in a dryer. The rotating and heat can damage your loved sneakers beyond repair. After cleaning the sneakers put them in an open space where there’s plenty of air passing through to allow them to dry properly. A bit of sunlight may do some good too but not for long. 


Make a Handy Care Kit

Shoe care is not limited to cleaning and drying. So many things are required, some of which you would already know about like shoe polish, cleaning brushes, etc. But there are some new equipment needed in your kit, like a waterproofing spray. This one product goes a long way, it not only makes the sneaks water resistant but makes it easier to get stains off them. Other things you should have in your kit are polishing clothes, disposable gloves, soft-bristled brushes, crème, etc.


 Store them Properly

One of the key factors that decide your shoes’ life is how you keep them. Invest in shoe trees, these things are a great way of keeping your sneaks in perfect shape. Also, make a designated place for your shoes and always keep them there. If you are putting your shoes back in their box, make sure you wipe them up first and then let them stay out for some time to let the smell of sweat out. And don’t forget, shoe care is better than shoe repair!


  1. What material is used in your tie and dye sneakers?
  • The upper of the sneaker is made with breathable mesh, while the outsole is made of high-quality IMEVA.
  1. How do I choose the right size of sneakers from your brand?
  • In order to select the perfect shoes, you can refer to our size guide.
  1. What is the return or exchange policy for these sneakers?
  • The return of the footwear is initiated by sending a request email to along with the following details:
  • 3 Images of the footwear which you have received (top, bottom, and side).
  • Order Number
  • Reason for your return.


          The above-required details are mandatory for return. Without these details, your

           request cannot be processed.

  1. How do I track my order?
  • To track your order, simply login to your account on our website, go to your account, click on the order number mentioned and you will be taken to the tracking status.
  1. Do you provide any type of warranty with your shoes?
  • CAMPUS Shoes come with a one-month manufacturer warranty.