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Explore Campus’ whimsical world of kid's sandals and floaters, where every pair is designed to keep the sweet munchkins happy! Designed with love and care, this collection is a vibrant treasure trove for tiny feet. From the classroom to the playground, these are reliable sidekicks for your child's every adventure. Explore the impressive Campus Kids collection and watch as your little explorers embark on their mischievous journeys in style and comfort!

  • Style: Now Dress your little fashionistas in Campus sandals and let the colorful hues take over! Our vibrant and comfy kids' sandals make every step a joy for your munchkins, ensuring their little feet stay happy and stylish. From playful patterns to lively colors, these sandals are the perfect way to add a dash of kiddish flair to their outfits. Let your little trendsetters explore with Campus sandals that make every adventure as colorful as their imaginations. Discover the joy of playful fashion for your tiny tots with our trendy and comfy kids' sandals collection.
  • Designs: Each pair is a splash of joy with playful patterns and a kaleidoscope of colors. With designs that speak the language of fun and aesthetics that catch the eye, these sandals and floaters are the perfect pick. Durable materials meet bright, cheerful designs that kids love to show off.
  • Usability: Enjoy features like adjustable straps for a snug fit, and quick slip-on features for the free-spirited and easy-to-clean material. These are not only good-looking but also about living the play-all-day lifestyle. 

Perfect Pairings:

Elevate your kids' fashion game with these vibrant and comfortable sandals from Campus, the ultimate companions for their colorful wardrobe essentials. Pair them effortlessly with their favorite shorts for a laid-back summer look, or style them with jeans or joggers for a trendy and playful vibe. These versatile sandals also complement playful skirts and their go-to summer dresses, making them the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it's a fun day at the beach or a birthday party bonanza. With their colorful designs and comfortable fit, these sandals ensure that your little ones step out in style, no matter where their adventures take them.

Footwear Care Tips:

Crafted to last, our sandals and floaters are built for the long haul. Keep them looking fresh with a simple wipe-down after a day of play. Regular care, and these will be ready for action, day after day.

Step into the world of color, comfort, and style! Our collection is waiting. Choose the perfect pair from the wide range of colors and designs, and watch your little adventurer step into joy! Let the good times stroll.