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CAMPUS Motomania!

A dash of dare and a spike of skill,

a thirst to go fast, and the need for the thrill.

Riding your way to wherever the road takes you,

facing every challenge face-first;

showing your fears that they cannot break you.

The love you feel for the machine you drive,

With every turn, you go on & thrive.

staying true to fashion as riding is your creed,

You never go out of style; you just style your speed!


CAMPUS Motomania: The Ultimate Riding Shoes

You take on the rush every day, watching the world go by in a blur as you go on for miles. You never stop, never slow down; all you need is your passion and your incredible riding gear! And when it comes to exemplary riding ensemble, the list is incomplete without a pair of riding shoes. Incorporating a fascinating range of men’s sneakers that are made for the ultimate riders like you, CAMPUS is here with Motomania.

Motomania riding shoes are not only necessary for the daredevils whose passion lies in defeating all odds and going where the road takes but are a canvas for self-expression. The fusion of speed and style has resulted in a collection of bike-riding shoes that shine bright with a futuristic flair.

Everything about these shoes screams speed and steals attention. Made with exceptional shades of bold blues, radiant reds, well-defined whites, and brilliant blacks; these kicks are meant to match your ride in every way. The checkered racing flag, the unique shape of the midsole, and the embossed upper with the CAMPUS logo on top; each and every element of the shoe is there to impress the racer in you. Incorporating the sleek & modern aesthetics that reflect the fast-paced and high-tech nature of racing sports, these dynamic low-rise riding sneakers with a sturdy build are made to help you go as fast as you want.

Featuring a seamless construction, the shoe upper is made with specially Curated Embossed high-quality PU that is known for its flexibility. Toughened TPU is installed on the ankles to provide elevated comfort and support to your feet. The rubberized outsole can be listed as a feature that brings the entire shoe together! It offers enhanced traction, dynamic grip, and durability across terrains for you to ride for as long as you like. Finally, the special Aerodynamic Design of the sneakers that mimics the look of a racetrack, not only makes the shoe look sleek but also helps in keeping your shoe centered while riding.

From bold colors to dynamic patterns, Motomania shoes are designed to be as visually striking as they are functional; a sleek pair that has it all!

Tips to Style Your Speed:

When hitting the road in style is always high on your agenda; an astonishing pair of sneaks is essential!

This time, style your Motomania sneaks like a pro, with a little help from us of course. Check out some looks we have curated to suit your every look:

  • The Ultimate Biker Look

A cool leather jacket, protective leather gloves, light-washed jeans, and stylish shoes to top it all; that’s the first look that comes to mind when one thinks of riding. Leather jackets are, as they have always been, the ultimate racers’ attire. And Motomania’s design suits them astoundingly!

  • It’s a denim deal

If there is something that is loved by riders around the world almost as much as leather jackets, it’s a denim jacket! While leather gives the bad-boy vibes, denim converts them to stylish, cool-dude energy. Denim on denim is an amazing look in itself but when you add Motomania sneaks to the mix, the result is truly phenomenal.

  • Fusion it is

Mixing it up can be a brilliant idea if done right! And we will tell you how to do it right. A monochromatic sweater or t-shirt, your favorite khakis, and of course, CAMPUS Motomania riding shoes for men on your feet, now that’s a fusion worth its name.

  • Checked, Mate!

Checked shirts always fit, no matter what the occasion is. Arrive in style on your sweet ride in even sweeter kicks. Match your fashionable checked shirts & jeans with the dapper Motomania sneaker and become the center of attention in no time.

  • Comfy as you Ride

Hitting the road for a long ride? Let comfort and style be your companions! Grab your comfiest joggers and sweatshirts along with our awesome sneakers and you are good to go!


  1. What material is used to make these shoes riding-friendly?

  • CAMPUS Motomania shoes are made with high-quality PU that offers your shoes with required flexibility and durability while keeping cold, skin-biting air out. The construction of the shoe is done in a way that allows you to shift gears and press breaks without any trouble. The feature list of Motomania does not end here, so grab a pair and be ride-ready, always!
  1. How long does it take for you to deliver these shoes?

  • Campus shoes generally ship the items within the time specified below:-
  • NCR Delhi 2 to 3 Business Days
  • North Region 3 to 5 Business Days
  • Rest of India is 4 to 7 Business Days

Please remember that the above-mentioned timelines are estimates based on past deliveries. The order can take more time depending on other external factors such as weather, lockdown, etc.

  1. How do I take care of these shoes to make them last longer?

  • Taking care of these riding shoes for men is very easy. Wipe the pair regularly with a clean, dry cloth to get rid of dust. Clean the sole of the shoes and keep them back in their box after every use. And finally, clean the shoes thoroughly only once every two months.
  1. Can I buy Motomania Riding Shoes from a campus store?

  • The CAMPUS Motomania collection is not yet available at our store, however, you can find these incredible sneakers at and all major online stores.
  1. I need help with my order, how can I contact your customer service?

  • You can reach our customer service executives at +91-11-43272500/120 from 10.30 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday to Friday). You can also write to us at
  1. How can I order the exact size from the website?

  • In order to get your perfect size, you can refer to our size guide.