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Embrace the endless summer with Campus Clogs!

Chuck out the heavy, dark shoes that weigh you down,

As a delightful yellow hue has taken over the town.

Grab a coffee, run errands, or take a walk by the shore,

Let your feet be at ease, as you do all that & more.

Enjoy the warm season as it arrives, like a true stunner.

Get your tees out, pair them with Campus Clogs,

And embrace the endless summer!


Step into the Summer with Campus Clogs

The season is taking on a warmer tone & the heavy-heavy boots that accompanied you the last couple of months took the back seat of your closet. Yes, the summer is finally here! To make the season feel even better, here we are introducing a range of impressive Clogs for men to match the hyped vibe.

As the temperature rises, so does the need for kicking back and relaxing. With the new men’s Clogs collection, we bring the perfect footwear option to chill out. Campus clogs are truly the epitome of style and comfort. The color pallet is carefully selected to suit every mood you might be in. Classic neutral shades like beige and off-white are perfect for a lazy walk around the block on a pleasant evening.

Simultaneously, in our exclusive range of clogs for men, we have added some tranquil shades of olive green and blue, to complement your vacation looks, perfectly! And of course, how could we leave the deep poseur of the colors out of our best clogs for men’s range? After all, one can never go wrong with black! With a collection consisting of men’s clogs white to black, and some serene colors in between, we are here to take the hassle out of your summer style.

Campus Clogs and Comfort Go Hand-in-Hand

Clogs are truly the right summer sandals you need in your wardrobe and with the versatile Campus Clogs, you get a pair that has it all! The Clogs for Men are made with high-quality EVA, and offer a multitude of benefits making them your obvious go-to men’s summer sandals. Slip on the cool pair and experience an incredible bounce with every step. The pillow-soft cushioning will help absorb shock as you walk, providing a comfortable experience that lasts all day long. The Clogs come with a sling strap that provides a secure fit. No more worrying about your shoes slipping off or rubbing uncomfortably against your skin. These clogs will stay in place, providing a snug fit that's perfect for all-day wear. With the snugness of the pair, we keep the stickiness at bay by helping you to disperse heat. So, say bye-bye to sweaty, smelly feet!

These clogs are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to wear and perfect for travel (cue summer vacations). Heading to the beach? No worries, these clogs are water-resistant. Plus, they're easy to wash, so you can keep them looking great all season long.

Effortlessly stylish & incredibly comfortable, get everything you need in one pair of clogs and get ready to thrive in the summer feels with us.




  1. How can I take good care of my clogs?
  • Campus Clogs are very easy to look after. Just keep them clean by hand washing them with cold water and mild soap, that's all! To keep your clogs for men in good condition, you will want to avoid leaving them where they will be exposed to intense heat like a washing machine or a car parked in sunlight, as this can cause the shoes to shrink or warp.
  1. Will I get confirmation after I order clogs from the campus website?
  • Every submitted order receives an automated email and/or message confirmation post-payment. If you did not get it, we would request you check your spam folder or get in touch with our customer service team.
  1. How can I pay for my order?
  • We have multiple payment options available for you to choose from on our website.
  1. How long would it take for my order to reach me?
  • The delivery time depends upon your physical location and other factors. However, our team works best to get your shoes to you as fast as possible.