Join CAMPUS for GlobalGiri!


For all those who love creating waves in the world of fashion and never want to go unnoticed, GlobalGiri by CAMPUS is here! Inspired by whimsical and carefree styles, the range is making headway with international footwear trends. Put the old neutral shades aside and put on the brightest, boldest, and most funky shoes to hit the streets in style. The range gets hotter this time with a super cool color palette combined with upbeat designs. 

Loaded with a range of funky shoes for men and women, each of the designs provides your feet a treat with super comfy construction that keeps you on the go!   


Turn Up the Heat with Stylish Shoes: The GlobalGiri Edit 


Add a splash of color to your footwear with a quirky twist! We present you with a range of trendy sneakers.  

Brighten up your shoe collection with our range of fashionable shoes. Allow us to keep your looks on fleek always with Camp-Fleek. A vibrant selection of monochromes to add a much-needed color pop to your everyday outfits.  

Reach your style goals with our chunky sneakers Raise. The shoes are available in the most mesmerizing shades of pink, blue, peach, green, and more!  

We are topping the charts with GlobalGiri when it comes to funky shoes for men. Our range includes a number of fascinating shoe choices to make your ensemble better and brighter. Let your style speak volumes on your behalf with Camp-Opera. These sophisticated white shoes are made dashing with an addition of various bright colors.  

If dark and daring is your style then Camp-Bonzai and Camp-Relish are the kicks you need. With energetic shades and enthralling patterns, these shoes are made for you. Stand out from the rest in Camp-Zane and Camp Score. These trendy sneakers for men are unique in style and the colors are so tempting, you will want them all!  

Keeping your comfort in mind, our designs are made with adaptive cushioning technology and have a full-length air unit that provides optimal comfort with great arch support. With an intention of bringing international fashion to you, we are excited for you to try these incredible shoes. 


What's so Cool About the GlobalGiri Range by CAMPUS Shoes? 


Your fashionable sneakers get you all the admiration you deserve and we have rolled out the hottest and the most wanted kicks range. A range of trendy, stylish, and multi-colored shoes for men and women in all sizes.  

Top-notch designs and the coolest colors; are a combination that speaks to your personal fashion statement. White sneakers or bright red sneakers, both have their significance in terms of adding glamour to the overall outfit. Not to mention, such amazing colors bring in some positive energy.  

At GlobalGiri, each of the shoes is designed with utmost passion; one can not help but stare at these dazzling sneakers.   


Tips to Rock Your OOTDs with Our Vibrant Shoes 


Stylish shoes are a must! But why buy just one pair, when you can have a wardrobe full of striking shades? All the colors are here to make you feel happy every day!   

It gets tricky to decipher what treads are worth cropping and what deserves to be on your shelves. So, our team of stylists is here to help take the hard work out of your sneaker shopping experience. Here is how you can style our range: 


Sneaker Styling Tips for Men: 

Bright on Top, Stylish at The Bottom 

If you are adding a pop of color to your t-shirt or shirt, then you can go for a bold and bright tone in sneakers as well. Dress aesthetics well by pairing stylish sneakers for men with the pompy outfit and you are done! 

Wide Jeans with Stylish Shoes are a Big Yes! 

Wide-legged denim is the hot trend both in men and women’s wear, but many people surely go fashion numb when it comes to finding the perfect shoe with them. Go for trendy, chunky sneakers under these pants. This will add length and make the flair in the pants look wholesome. 

Keep it Casual 

Do not think twice before trying Camp OPERA and Camp SCORE off-white shoes for those off-duty looks! Experiment with more looks from your wardrobe with these vibrantly toned stylish sneakers. 

Go Monochrome-Cause, Why Not? 

Haven’t you noticed how celebrities have broken the IG with their single-toned looks? So not do the same? In fact, accentuate the overall look with the matching color available in GlobalGiri’s range of trendy sneakers for men.  


Sneaker Styling Tips for Women: 

Short Dresses and Casual Shoes- MADE FOR EACH OTHER: 


Knee-length dresses and sneakers are surely a match made in heaven. Be the diva you are and pair chunky sneakers for women with short dresses for a perfect daytime look. White or red shoes for women or trendy sneakers in pretty colors can be chosen for this style. 

A Big “YES” to Skirts and Shorts 


No rules, just fun when it comes to pairing running or casual shoes with your skirts or shorts. Sneakers look exceptionally great when paired with short skirts and shorts. Get that perfect street-style look with color-coordinating sneakers for women with the color of their tops. 

 Fitness Enthusiasts Must Style it their Way: 


There is no such day as ‘No-Fitness’ day. Our kicks add a touch of style to your fitness regime. Add a pair of stylish running shoes to your exercise wardrobe from CAMPUS. Try to experiment with colorful shoes, so that their vibrance keeps the energy on!  

 Professionally Cool: 

 Blazer with sneakers, how cool would that be? Fashion is always about being extraordinary. To make your outfit look insta-worthy and pair up your blazer with stylish shoes for women and you are set to rock the world!  


Taking copious notes from fashion around the world and working on styles that are ‘never-seen-before’, These are your go-to shoes for every season. Come and explore the vibrant shades and incredible patterns to join us for a global shoe revolution!