Campus X King, King FT. Campus OGs, White Shoes, White Sneakers, Sneakers, Mens White Shoes, Mens Shoes Be stubborn, be rebellious…  or just be f’king original!

 Hold on to your seat as the swagger is now in the house! The artist who took the nation by storm is ready to bring a hurricane to the collection of all sneakerheads with the sneaks worthy of the name. Campus Squad welcomes the royalty of the rap phenom -The King; who is here to present The OGs. Now, brace yourselves for a shoe experience like no other. Step into the world of Campus OGs where music, fashion, and self-expression collude to create magic!

Classy… one word that brings home the feeling one gets as they put their OG swag on. But OGs are more than that! White sneakers are not a mere trend now, they are a staple of confidence that uplifts your look. The white OG sneakers commence a power to exude boldness and fearlessness. These sneaks command attention among the sea of colors, symbolizing a willingness to embrace the unexplored. These shoes represent a blank canvas; and with every mark, they tell a story of wherever you go and how far you are willing to go!

Every OG is the partner you need to express what you truly are, from the inside. So, allow us to unveil what each of these whites says to challenge the conventions that impressed the music monger himself.


Hand it to the OG-03

Just like the lyrical genius  who is balancing the classic pair on his arm, OG-03 is a pair that inspires you to be unafraid to break free from the ordinary.  



Clint On, Swag On

Sitting on a throne like the king he is, sporting a pair of Camp Clint that seem to say… Just own it!


Step it up with OG-02

Brightening it with literal stars on his feet, the impressive OG-02 is your go-to pair when you gotta style like a real OG.


Be the Dapper with the Denver

The stylish pair in King’s hand is named Camp Denver. Combining the subtle dusted shade of blue with bright white, the pair clearly conveys that profound boldness lies in simplicity.



Lace-it-up with Tucker

Making its presence felt, balanced on the literal “king’s hand-made” Campus logo, is Camp Tucker. In its Starck all-white brilliance, our shoe is designed with one thought in mind, that the boldest path is pristine: the one untainted by fear.


Campus OGs are more than just shoes; they're a statement! It’s an intriguing range that embodies everything King's music represents-freshness, style, and being unapologetically on-spot, always. From the moment you lace them up, you'll feel the rhythm pulsating through your veins, propelling you forward with every step. These are the accessories to get your swag out in the open. Now let the world see your style’s most fearless side, in the brightest shades of obdurate whites! 

Every pair has its own story. King took his pick and now it’s your turn to choose the one you want to tell, step out of your comfort zone, and

Get your OG swag on!




June 06, 2023 — Annu Shien