Raksha Bandhan is a time when a brother pledges his love to his sisters. The festival of Raksha Bandhan has been honored for centuries and celebrates the bond of love and nobility. Gift giving is a beautiful part of this festival. This ritual is a way of showing your sibling how much you care about them. So, why not give the right footwear when it comes to gifting on Raksha Bandhan day? By providing your brothers and sisters with a pair of beautiful shoes on this day, you're letting them know that you wish to see them healthy and happy, always! 


Although there is a world full of options available for gift ideas, we strongly believe that nothing can be more special than gifting your sibling the gears of good health, i.e., shoes! There are a lot of untold feelings behind choosing this gift option. You know your brother or sister must be having a wardrobe full of different types of shoes already. However, you must gift them just the right ones- a pair of shoes that take them miles in the utmost comfort! Campus Shoes harbor a range of comfort shoes and sandals for men and women in advanced footbed technology and myriad color options. Take a look at the following:  


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When thinking about Rakhi gifts for your brother, you can go for stylish and comfy running shoes. You are sending them a message that you support their healthy lifestyle choices and respect their autonomy in their health and fitness decisions.OLYMPUS white men’s running shoes by Campus shoes are sure to level up your walk with adaptive cushioning. These white shoes can effortlessly amp up your style. They are more elastic and resistant to oil, grease, and abrasions.  If your siblings love running but hate cleaning shoes often, then get them a pair of running shoes and participate in fitness activities together.  


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Walking shoes are a great choice for Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother as they are comfortable and good for his feet. The OXYFIT range by Campus Shoes is fairly lightweight, which makes them a good choice for those who stay on their feet, all day long. Our walking shoes also come in a wide range of styles, so you’re sure to find something that fits your brother’s personal preferences. Finally, they are relatively affordable, so they make an excellent choice for anyone looking to get Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother.


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A pair of fun and comfortable sandals are a perfect option for your brother or sister. They're not only stylish but also make your feet happy! Campus shoes present sandals for men and women that offer excellent traction and resistance to dirt, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as running. They are one of the best Rakhi gifts for this Raksha Bandhan. 


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Who doesn’t love to add Casual shoes in their shoe-drobe? The more the better! A cute pair of casual shoes make the best Rakhi gift for your brother or sister because of the versatility they offer. They can be worn for both work and leisure activities. Super easy to clean; these shoes are not likely to have an issue of discomfort. A formal event, winter season, rainy season, or any impromptu outdoor sports, these casual shoes will keep them prepared for all of it in utmost style and comfort. With the variety Campus Shoes offers in terms of color and designs, you can wear casual shoes literally anywhere. 


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There are many reasons why women's sports shoes are one of the best Rakhi gift ideas for your sister. First, they're comfortable to wear. Second, they're practical. And third, they're stylish! Take a look at our Bliss range of women’s sports shoes, and we bet you will love the fresh colors and designs of the selection. There are many other kinds of styles and colors to choose from. You can find a pair that's the exact fit and color you want for your sister from campus shoes online. So, whether she's an avid runner or prefers walking around the park, we have a pair of women's sports shoes that will be right up her alley. There are a lot of options in men’s sports shoes as well, for different types of personalities.  


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Flip-flops are a great Raksha Bandhan gift idea for your sibling. They are inexpensive, comfortable, and versatile. Many people wear them all the time, so they are the ideal all-weather footwear. Flip-flops also come in many different styles, so you can find the one that matches your sibling’s personality. If your brother/sister is a beach lover, then these are just perfect for them.


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Sliders are one of the unique Rakhi gifts for your brother/sister. They are stylish, comfortable, and are most useful all at the same time. Plus, they are very affordable. So, this Raksha Bandhan, why not gift your brother a pair of slide sandals? For those who love to walk in swag or to create a cool airport look, sliders are a big YES! And if you want to add some color to your sibling’s collection of footwear, slide sandals are a great choice since they come in many different colors and patterns.  

Still wondering why should you buy the best Rakhi gifts online from campus shoes? Allow us to sum it up for you! First, it is more convenient. Second, the prices are more cost-effective. Third, you can easily find the size and color that you want. Finally, you have more choices when it comes to choosing the right size and style. This Rakhi, show you care with Campus Shoes, Happy Raksha Bandhan! 

November 24, 2022 — Anshuman Bhuyan